Thursday, August 6, 2009


The group of all groups!
Made of mature women
With a touch of youth.
Each seeking to find her own truth.

GINNY, the east coast gal.
Extensive vocabulary, a way with words.
Sensitive and grounded.
SEEKING to find her truth.

SAM, the consummate artist.
Perceives design and beauty in the ordinary.
Enjoys people.
SEEKING to find her truth.

LINDA, the scientist.
Intelligent and diverse.
A smile that starts at her heart.
SEEKING to find her truth.

HETTY, a loving person.
A passion for animals.
Understanding and tender.
SEEKING to find her truth.

WILLY, the humble healer.
Valued for her advice.
Loved for her compassion.
SEEKING to find her truth.

LU-ANN, loved teaching children.
Now learning from each of you.
Cherishes your friendship.
SEEKING to find her truth.

As a group, we have our differences.
As a group, we are the same.
As a group, we constantly wonder.
As a group, we'll FIND our truths.



On this day as I turn fifty-eight,
Some think I'm the young one,
Others think it's a prehistoric date!

I look in the mirror, and what do I see?
Is that my mother looking back at me??!!

I'm young, I'm old,
Depending on what I'm told.

Is it deception?
Or simply perception?

I guess on any given day, it just depends.
Right now, I'm just a person
Surrounded by good friends.