Friday, April 9, 2010


In the lowlands
Where the fingered channels of ebony waters flow
Two sisters of Delft, wind-buffeted,
With braided flaxen hair,
Know where they want to go...
Over the stone and metal bridge to the canal wall.
They will sit and angle their toes
An inch or two from the water's edge,
Leaning forward, glimpsing their faces
In the quivering mirror of the turbid stream.

What demons, sea devils, unworldly creatures
Dwell in the dark and ominous labyrinth?
"Jump" snapped the older one,
"I dare you, I double dare you"
she persisted with a slight shove.

The younger sister, goaded by a dare
She could not ignore
With one deep breath, her heart pounding,
Slipped blissfully into the murky, foreboding water.

The bobbing head and soiled body soon emerged
With closed eyes and a bright smile
Conqueror of the canal, an idol to the darer
A terrified knuckle-biting sister.

On the march home thoughts of the canal
In wintertime covered with thick ice
Shiny and sleek,
Skaters with tassels, festive scarves and mittens
Gliding merrily above the glory she had won.

by: Willy

The Waters of Life

Life first stirs in the hush of amniotic waters...
Such tranquility sometimes simulated, rarely replicated.

Just the gentlest of dewdrops trickle on placid infancy
When time tiptoes by in wonder and delight.

Clouds gather capriciously through the growing years
Tumbling raindrops and dampening edgy enthusiasm,
But largely youth savors its sunny moments and its triumphs.

Only later do storms rumble as life takes fateful turns,
When the angst of finances, children, illness and death
Frequently drench and engulf tattering dreams.

But, often and mercifully, rainbors dapple waning years,
As an ocean of understanding overtakes the tides of unrest
In a final wash of insight and tolerance.

by: Gigi


Its worth cannot be measured.

It gently and softly bathes a newborn
Teasingly plays with children
Frolicking through sprinklers.

Water caresses you into sleep
As you idly drift on a rubber raft.

It quenches your thirst
Bringing relief from the heat.

Water can relax and rejuvenate
Healing injuries and soothing pain
Making weak muscles once again strong
Solicitously contributing to good health.

Its wrath cannot be measured.

It can tantalize the young into its depths
In minutes a child can be gone forever.
Water can be relentless and cruel.

An unforeseen storm can take the lives of people at sea
Hurriedly crushing their vessel and robbing them of breath.

Water takes the lives of so many
A tsunami washes over the shore,
Angry waves enveloping all in it's path
Consuming life and destroying property.

Its worth cannot be measured.
Nor can its wrath.

by: Lu-Ann

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink
There's a lot more to water than most people think.

Imagine a world devoid of our precious H20
All the wonderous flowers would sadly cease to grow.

Holy water no longer would anoint a newborn baby's head
Quite possibly pink champagne could be substituted instead.

Oh, how I would miss my morning shower as I begin each day
And my cup of hot coffee, too, would be missed along my way.

Forest fires and house fires would be a constant fear
People the world over would sense a disaster near.

Can you imagine the difficulties facing every culinary group
Having no water to add to their minestrone soup?

And what would Michael Phelps do for his Olympic event
Could he win a medal by running in the 500-yard spring?

So, there really is a lot of water and I think we should all
take care
Or we'll not have any water and the earth will forever be

by: Lu-Ann

Ode to the Ocean

You beautiful ocean

You powerful beast

You uncontrollable masses

To watch you is a feast.

Your delicate features

You're twinkling in the sun

The moonlight reflecting

You are so much fun.

The horizon disappearing

The clouds coming in

Your roaring sounds

Being overwhelmed is no sin.

The next day so calm

And an ocean so blue

Could this be the same ocean?

I don't have a clue.

Your personality changes

From one day to the next

Yet your core stays the same

And that is a fact.

by: Hetty