Thursday, September 2, 2010


I love to stretch awake each morning, especially when the sun is streaming through my windowpane.
I love to remember my childhood, blessed by caring parents, grandparents, 4 brothers, 3 uncles, 5 aunts and 13 cousins.
I love the bar my parents set for living happily and harmoniously.
I love the innocent adolescent fun I had with "my crowd."
I love that "my crowd" plays together to this very day.
I love re-living the moment Jim and I pledged to love each other forever.
I love that we loved each other forever.
I love remembering the day each of our 4 children was born.
I love those children; they make me proud, happy and humble.
I love the 5 grandchildren my children and their mates have given me; they delight my heart.
I love to recall travels to wondrous destinations.
I love the heady places I've lived: legendary Philadelphia, vibrant Harrisburg, historic Washington, pretty Camarillo and idyllic Cambria.
I love my little blue bungalow on New Jersey's tranquil seashore.
I love my sprawling silver home on California's craggy coast.
I love the roar of the ocean, the wind in the pines, the magic of fog, the twinkle of stars.
I love flowers, hummingbirds, spindly-legged deer, Monarch butterflies.
I love my morning newspaper, a good novel, poetry.
I love words.
I love a flute of sparkling champagne.
I love a cuppa...that's Irish shorthand for "hot tea."
I love the precious friends I've made at each stop along my joyous journey.
I love to stretch awake each morning,
even when the sun isn't streaming through my windowpane,
because it's shining in my heart.

By: Gigi