Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Two mourning doves murmured
Each daybreak in my pin oak tree
Their plaintive purr belied
By their tender unity
Their touching fidelity
Their lifetime bond.

A lone dove mourned
This dawn in my pin oak tree.

I grieve in solidarity.

by: Gigi

Who will be next?
Whose lives should I destroy?
I do not discriminate.
Male or female
Rich or poor
Young or old
Black or white
Good or evil
I have no preference.
Ravage their bodies.
Destroy their souls.
Dole out pain and discomfort.
Burden loved ones with worry.
Replace joy with sadness.
This is my mission.

My work is done.
Who will be next?

by: Lu-Ann


When a world-weary soul snaps its fetters
On its unique and final passage
Seeking enduring peace
Seeking eternal rest
Recalling the joys, surely,
Recalling the trials, perhaps,
A gentle shadow cast by that sweet soul,
Already at rest and at peace
In the unknowable afterworld,
Will bestow tender consolation
On loved ones left behind
To mourn and to celebrate.

by: Gigi

The Gift of Friends

There are days when
bubbling from us comes
the innocent child within,
who giggles at the little things
and wears a silly grin.

There are days when
melancholy comes to
visit for awhile;
the mind feels tired,
the body weak,
who have no strength to smile.

There are days when
joy abundant
grabs ahold of you and me;
wraps us up in all it's splendor,
lifts us up and sets us free.

There are days when
sorrow wraps us
in its cloak of grief and fear,
'til our hearts ache to the breaking,
'til our eyes can't shed a tear.

There are days when
love bestows us
with its wonderment and light,
with its beauty and its mystery,
its power and its might.

And there are days when
life rewards us
and seems to make amends
by granting us a marvelous gift,
the precious gift of friends.

by: Karin Schaefer

submitted by: Willy