Monday, February 14, 2011

For Jimmy Valentine Mallon

A child born on Valentine's day
Is a special soul, of course,
And if that child's named Valentine
Watch out world, he's a force.

So, when I wed my Valentine
I knew right from the start
He'd be kind and gentle
And take good care of my heart.

Thursday, February 3, 2011


The grip of midnight arrives
I turn off the light.
The drumbeat of the heart
And the restless legs
Begin the drama of the night.

Oh, happy thoughts come to me
Bring back memories of glorious days
Stave off the darkling thoughts
Let them not break the slumber bliss.

The struggle is fierce.
Forces collide...
I drift off to sleep.

The first ray of light creeps in,
Blinds drawn,
A wild and dewy garden greets me
The morning walk restores me.

The changing vegetation
The churning restless sea
The crisp cool air.

I am now at peace and happy.
May the gods grant me
Many more of these mornings.

by: Willy


Some experts say poems must have rhyme
But some say merely rhythm
Still others say just let it flow.
There is a major schism.

So getting down to finer points
The most alluring part
And what delights us most of all
Are words that touch the heart.

by: Gigi