Wednesday, November 4, 2009


In gazing on our newly-minted progeny,
He sheathed in pink and glowing skin,
Unmarked and unmarred
By life's cuts and bruises,
I cannot help but wonder,
Now that you've slipped life's earthly bonds,
If you have, as he has, silky skin,
A healthy heart and robust lungs,
A whole new set of tomorrows
With their infinite possibilities.

Or, was your destiny fulfilled,
Once and evermore,
When you fled the blight of age and infirmity?

By: Gigi


Take time to smell the lilacs
And feel the warm bright sun
Take time to look at rainbows
Don't wait 'til work is done.
There'll always be a cobweb
Some fingermarks or rust
Weeds to pull, a lawn to mow
And something gathering dust.
We must remember lilacs
Bloom just once a year
And you can see a rainbow
Only when it's here.

By: Shirley Harvey
Submitted by: Sam