Saturday, March 26, 2011

In Honor of Others, Known and Unknown

The King agonized about speaking
with great frustration.
I speak two languages
with little hesitation.

It dawned on me that even a King
can live a life of fear and fraught.
I realized that ease of speech is another gift
to which I never gave much thought.

It became apparent to me
that others like the King
have such difficult lives and stories.
I started to feel filled with gratitude
that in my lifetime
I have had very few worries.

In the past, I had medical complications
and recurrences, with constant fear.
But how fortunate am I, to have remained healthy
for so many years.

With much ease I am writing this,
with my brain and hands in full cooperation.
For some, this simple act
may cause great frustration.

I often complain and or joke about the antics of my bad ear,
sharing the misinterpretations that abound.
But I can hear the ocean roaring, babies laughing,
and my friends' words of encouragement,
forever thankful for those amazing sounds.

I have a roof over my head,
food to eat and water galore.
If I run out, I can turn on the tap
or just go to the store.

I may need glasses, but my eyes can see.
And, unlike some, my legs still bend at the knee!

Without any thought, I breathe with ease
and my heart beats so naturally.
Many people must struggle,
Their bodies do not respond with such autonomy.

My friend is battling cancer and has no hair.
I look in the mirror, and mine is still there.

Every day I turn on the news
and I see people in distress.
I have at times gotten overwhelmed
just because my house was a mess!

Sans a terrible moment in time,
I have lived a life
where there were no bombers in the sky.
My parents, however, became instant orphans,
and probably spent a lifetime
wondering why.

I will work to change and remember
those in this world with grave limitations.
I would be extremely remiss
if not filled with gratitude and immense appreciation.

by: Sam

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